Aerial Mapping

Airborne Imaging has managed and participated in dozens of imagery acquisition and aerial LiDAR mapping projects. Although Airborne does not have photo cameras in its arsenal, we do project manage acquisition projects for many of our clients that require a photo component with their LiDAR data. Through strategic partnerships and working agreements, Airborne Imaging is able to provide cost-effective and quality aerial mapping solutions.

Aerial photos and mapping are excellent and completely compatible technologies to LiDAR surveys. Both aerial imagery and LiDAR offer different, but complementary information to a mapping services project. Most importantly, with the proper ground control and planning, the data sets can accurately be merged to create robust digital terrain models, planimetric mapping and image mosaics of any area or corridor. It is the best way for a client to see the widest range of mapping products to aid in making the right decisions for their project cycle.

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