Airborne Imaging has performed LiDAR and Aerial Photo projects from the far reaches of Alaska and the Mackenzie Delta in the north to the southern tips of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. To date, we have successfully completed over 3,000 projects throughout North America with elevation maps and LiDAR data using Airborne lasers.

Our LiDAR data clients

We are proud to have over 500 different clients in several industries requiring Airborne laser mapping data including the oil and gas, mining, legal survey, engineering, power, and government sectors. Many of our projects are standalone and  exclusive, however many use our LiDAR Library for their project needs. Their continued patronage and support is the foundation of what makes Airborne a successful company, today.

Our LiDAR survey and elevation mapping experience

Airborne currently has 7 project managers on staff specializing in mapping services using LiDAR surveys to produce elevation maps. These individuals all have thousands of field hours of mapping experience and can manage the logistics and technical challenges for any type of project. They have all managed many tens of thousands of square miles of LiDAR data collection, GPS/IMU post processing and point cloud calibrations.

In addition, our LiDAR Operators have all operated and flown thousands of square miles of LiDAR surveys, each. All of our operators are versed in operating both Optech and Leica LiDAR systems and can be moved to a project anywhere, seamlessly.

Lastly, our processing group has processed over 700,000 square kilometers of LIDAR in North America in the past 10 years. Our collection of Geomatics, Surveying and mapping specialists, have been the reason over 3,000 projects have been delivered on budget and on time. It’s been the cornerstone of Airborne to deliver in the time frame and within the budget we promise.