Airborne is proud of its working relationships with other companies in the remote sensing and data acquisition fields.  Through these arrangements, Airborne is able to offer our clients a complete range of services.

Visual Modeling Partner

Visual Modeling Analysis Inc. specializes in the application of remote sensed data, including LiDAR, for use in pre-construction planning for the oil, gas, and land development industries.  Using state of the art software and hardware, VMA brings its expertise to your boardroom, providing your team with greater access to scouting and planning solutions. This allows you, the client, the opportunity to make better and more informed decisions.  VMA gives its clients a competitive advantage to ultimately increase their profits by reducing the burden of cost and time for field scouting and plan creation. To find out more please visit our website:

 DTM logo partners of Airborne Imaging Inc. LiDAR services

DTM is a full service photogrammetric and lidargrammetric firm.  The company engages in 3D digital vector and raster mapping from aerial and ground based sensors (photography and LiDAR).  Our processes include film scanning when necessary, aerotriangulation, stereo vectorization, point classification and digital orthophoto.  We provide geospatial data to engineers, land developers, resource development firms, land surveyors and all levels of government.  All technical work is performed at DTM’s production office located in Surrey BC.  More details available on our website: